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The Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation continues to support research and publication of books on the Dead Sea Scrolls

What we’ve done so far

The Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation funded the publication of the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (DJD) series. For all uses and purposes, DJD is the encyclopedia for scrolls scholarship. DJD was published in forty volumes, and gives the public access to photos, transcriptions, translations and commentary on the majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why does it matter?

The Dead Sea Scrolls represent the oldest sources in the world of Biblical literature and Jewish religious writings. They are a treasure chest of information about the world that was formative for Judaism as well as Christianity. Scholarship of both the  Old and New Testament is informed by the insights given us through scrolls research.

Unfinished work

A large part of the Dead Sea Scrolls is composed of small fragments, and in many cases the fragments have been pieced together by hand, in order to form a whole document. That work is ongoing. Scholars continue to suggest new configurations of the fragments, offering new interpretations of some of the scrolls. Other fragments have yet to be pieced into any document – but could some day prove to be part of undiscovered documents.

Dead Sea Scrolls Editions

Some of the early Dead Sea Scrolls were never published, and some were inadequately published. In addition, since 1998, at least 80 previously unknown fragments have been sold or put up for sale, and these all need to be published. Dead Sea Scrolls Editions is the next step in the work of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation. This is a new series being published by Brill.

The whole process is enormously expensive.  Assistants for the scholars engaged in the work, specialized computer equipment and programs, and research in Jerusalem can be supported only through generous donations of various sizes from a wide array of partners.

The following volumes are in progress:

  • Genesis Apocryphon, Prof. Esti Eshel, Bar Ilan University
  • Rule of the Community/Congregation, Prof. Alison Schofield, University of Denver
  • The War Scroll, Prof. Martin Abegg, Trinity Western University
  • The Qumran Cave 1 Scrolls (DJD 1, revised), Prof. Torleif Elgvin, Lutheran Theological Seminary, with the assistance of Dr. Å. Justnes, Oslo
  • The Cave 11 Psalms Scroll, Prof. Peter Flint, Trinity Western University
  • The Temple Scroll, Prof. Larry Schiffman, New York University
  • The Qumran Small Caves (DJD 3, revised), Prof. Donald Parry and Prof. Andrew Skinner, Brigham Young University
  • Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice, Prof. Noam Mizrahi, University of Tel Aviv
  • Words of the Luminaries, Prof. Esther Chazon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Cryptic Texts, Jonathan Ben Dov, University of Haifa
  • New fragments recently purchased (SWBTS), Prof. Sidnie White, University of Nebraska
  • The Hebrew Scroll of the Biblical 12 Prophets, Prof. Catherine Murphy, University of California at Santa Clara

Full and partial sponsorships are available for these volumes.