Scrolls souvenirs

The Dead Sea Scrolls Collection

The Dead Sea Scrolls Collection is a collection of ties, scarves and other scroll-theme souvenirs designed by Diane Fields. The ties and scarves depict the scrolls called the “Rule of the Community” from Cave 1, Qumran, Israel. The “Rule of the Community” was one of the first Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1947. A Hebrew scroll containing prescriptions for the daily life of the Jewish sect at Qumran during the first century, it also gives a glimpse into the community’s structure, theological views, and approach to the Bible.

Another scroll depicted on the ties and scarves one of the “Mysteries” Scroll. The “Mysteries” Scrolls,
from Caves 1 and 4, Qumran, Israel are pseudepigraphical prophecy addressing future mystery and ancient matters such as “deed of the just man,” “difference between good and evil,” “iniquity,” and “roots of knowledge.”