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Copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Exact copies of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, printed on parchment and made to exactly replicate the smallest detail of the original scrolls, are available for purchase.

Since its foundation in 1981, Facsimile Editions has become world-renowned for reproducing ancient manuscripts with unparalleled accuracy, careful scholarship and meticulous attention to detail.

Each manuscript has its own identity and a special paper is milled to reflect the weight, opacity and feel of the original. Where there are holes in the original, including the tiny pin-pricks made by the scribe, these appear in the facsimile. As burnished gold has a raised surface, so metal leaf is laid mostly by hand in the facsimile. Even labels stuck in by libraries are replicated together with the wear and tear endured over the centuries.

Great care is taken at the proofing and printing stages so that the colors of the copies are as vibrant as the original manuscripts. The finest are used to bind the facsimiles so that they can be protected and handed down from generation to generation.

A set of three copies of the most complete Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Cave 1 above Qumran near the Dead Sea in 1947, now in the Shrine of the Book, Jerusalem, and a further three fragments from Cave 4, now in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Amman, Jordan, are available for purchase.

A strictly limited facsimile edition of 49 numbered sets.

  • 1QIsa – The Great Isaiah Scroll
  • 1QS – The Manual of Discipline
  • 1QpHab – The Habakkuk Commentary
  • 4Q175 – Testimonia fragment
  • 4Q162 – Pesher Isaiahb (commentary) fragment
  • 4Q109 – Qohelet fragment

ISBN 0 948223 26X

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